PHILLIPS LAW OFFICES- Chicago’s Record-Breaking Personal Injury Attorneys

We represent personal injury victims in Chicago and across the state – with record verdicts and settlements for our clients and their families. When our opposing lawyer’s family members or friends are wrongfully injured they call us to represent them – a testament to our reputation and standing in the legal community. Our Chicago personal injury and medical malpractice attorneys also represent the family members of wrongful death victims with record verdicts and settlements.

In the State of Illinois, an injured victim of another person’s negligence is entitled by law to full compensation for his or her accident-related medical expenses, wages lost due to the injury, personal pain and suffering, and all other related losses and damages. Compensation for injuries, however, is not automatic, and you may need a skilled personal injury lawyer’s help.

If you have been injured because someone else’s negligence, after you’ve been examined by a medical professional, speak as quickly as possible with one of the top-rated Chicago, Illinois personal injury law firms, Phillips Law Offices.